How to Take off Back of Ring Doorbell

Taking off the back of a Ring Doorbell can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with how to do it. However, taking off the back of your doorbell is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require any special tools or skills. For those that want to access their device’s internal components for maintenance or repairs, this guide will walk you through each step necessary.

First, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand before beginning: a Phillips head screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver (for prying), and possibly a pair of needle-nose pliers depending on your model. Additionally, it is important to disconnect power from your Ring Doorbell prior to taking off its back cover in order to avoid electric shock or damage. After disconnecting power, locate two screws at either side of your doorbell’s faceplate which secure it into place; these should be unscrewed using a Phillips head screwdriver until they are removed from the unit entirely.

  • Unscrew the security screws: First, use a screwdriver to remove the two security screws located on either side of your Ring Doorbell
  • These are designed to keep the device securely in place and will be slightly recessed from the outside of your doorbell
  • Lift up gently: Once you’ve unscrewed both sides, lift up on the faceplate gently until it releases from its mountings
  • The faceplate should then come off easily with no further effort needed
  • Disconnect wiring: Carefully disconnect all wires connected to your Ring Doorbell before removing it completely from its mountings by carefully pulling outwards away from its original position
  • 4
  • Disengage clips : You may need to disengage any clips or other features that were holding onto the back plate of your doorbell so that you can take this piece off as well before proceeding any further into taking apart your Ring Doorbell unit itself

Easily remove back plate bracket from Ring Video Doorbell

How to Remove Back of Ring Doorbell (2Nd Generation)

Are you wondering how to remove the back of a Ring Doorbell (2nd Generation)? If so, then this blog post is for you! The Ring Doorbell (2nd Generation) is an innovative security device that allows homeowners to easily monitor their front door.

While it’s quite simple to install and use, there may come a time when you need to take off the back of your device in order to access some internal components or replace the battery. In this post, we’ll walk through step-by-step instructions on how to safely remove the back from your 2nd generation Ring Doorbell. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Begin by powering down your Ring Doorbell and disconnecting it from any power source such as an AC outlet or solar panel. This will ensure that no electricity can flow through while performing maintenance on your device. Step 2: Locate two small tabs at each end of the rear cover plate – these are what secure it in place.

Carefully pry up these tabs using a flathead screwdriver or other thin object like a butter knife until they pop out slightly with some force applied outwardly away from the wall mount bracket itself. Be careful not pry too hard as this could cause damage to your unit! Step 3: Once both tabs have been released, gently pull downwards on either side until the entire rear cover plate slides away completely revealing all its internal components underneath including ports for connecting external devices like Chime Pro Wi-Fi extenders and Ethernet cables if necessary.

Step 4: Now that you have access behind your 2nd generation Ring Doorbell, feel free proceed with whatever type of repair/maintenance work needs done before reattaching everything securely in reverse order once finished – do not forget tighten those two tabs firmly into place afterwards again ensuring good contact between them as well as wall mount bracket surface below where applicable prior moving onto next step which is…. Step 5: Reconnecting power sources such as AC outlets etc…and lastly turn switch located within app settings page under “Devices” tab which should reactivate motion detection alert notifications again after few minutes depending upon network connection status etc… Congrats !

How to Take off Back of Ring Doorbell


How Do I Get the Back of the Ring Doorbell Off?

If you’re trying to get the back of your Ring doorbell off, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. The first step is to make sure your Ring Doorbell is powered down by either removing the battery or disconnecting it from its power source. Once that’s done, you can use a flathead screwdriver or small pry tool to carefully remove the outer ring on the back of the doorbell.

Be careful as this piece may be fragile and could break if too much pressure is applied. Once you’ve removed the outer ring, locate two screws at each side of where the ring was attached and unscrew them with a Phillips head screwdriver. After they have been removed, insert something thin between both sides of the doorbell and gently pry apart until it releases from its casing.

Now that it has been released from its housing, lift up on one end so that you can access underneath for an additional three screws which will also need to be removed in order for complete removal of the back plate assembly. After all five screws have been taken out successfully, slide out whatever wires were connected (battery/power connection) before pulling away completely from inside housing area once more. Congratulations!

You should now have complete access toward what lies behind your Ring Doorbell’s protective casing! With these steps completed correctly; getting off any future worries regarding how do I get my Ring Doorbell off should no longer exist!

How Do You Take the Back off a Ring Doorbell 2Nd Generation?

Taking the back off a Ring Doorbell 2nd Generation is an important and necessary step if you are looking to replace or upgrade your device. As with any hardware installation, it’s important to take care when performing this task in order to avoid damaging both the doorbell itself and your home’s walls. Before beginning the process of removing the back from your Ring Doorbell, make sure that its power source (either a battery pack or wiring) has been disconnected as well as any other attachments such as wires.

This will ensure that no damage occurs during removal or re-installation of components. Once all safety protocols have been observed, begin by using a screwdriver to remove all four screws on the underside of the existing doorbell faceplate – two located at either side and one each towards top and bottom edges. After these have been removed, lift off the faceplate from its mounting bracket so that you can access four additional screws underneath which attach it securely into place – again two at either side and one each towards top and bottom edges.

Remove these too before lifting up on both sides of the existing ring doorbell until it is fully detached from its wall mountings/bracket(s). The rear panel should then slide out freely once you pull gently downwards on it whilst keeping hold of either side for support/security purposes; alternatively use something like a butter knife between panel & frame for leverage if required until eventually separated entirely from main unit body/frame plate. Once successfully extracted, use caution when handling & examining exposed internal parts (elevated voltage levels present within) – paying particular attention not only to delicate components but also making sure not to lose tiny parts such as springs etc during disassembly process!

If unsure how best go about doing this yourself always seek professional help ideally through manufacturer themselves instead risking potential injury due damages caused by improper technique usage etc… Finally after ensuring everything still works correctly re-attach new panel carefully following same steps outlined above in reverse order starting with securing four external screws onto original mounting brackets followed shortly thereafter three additional ones down inside frame itself – finally replacing outer cover piece overtop everything else making sure nothing gets snagged along way!

How Do You Unscrew a Ring Doorbell Without a Tool?

If you have a Ring Doorbell, you know it’s an invaluable security device. But what do you do when your doorbell needs to be unscrewed but you don’t have a tool? Don’t worry!

Unscrewing the doorbell without a tool is actually quite easy. First, locate the screws on either side of the mounting plate that holds the doorbell in place. The screws are small and will require something thin enough to fit between them for removal – this can be anything from a flathead screwdriver or even just a plastic card like your driver’s license or credit card.

Gently insert your chosen implement into the gap between each screw head and twist gently until they come loose enough to remove by hand. Once both screws are removed, carefully pull off the mounting plate from behind the wall-mounted base of your Ring Doorbell (you may need to wiggle it back and forth slightly if there is any resistance). With this done, it should now be possible to slide out your Ring Doorbell with ease!

Be careful not to damage any wires during removal as these will have been connected during installation – always disconnect power before attempting repairs or modifications yourself. Before reinstalling your Ring Doorbell after repairs/modifications, make sure all connections are secure and properly aligned so that everything fits snugly in place once again – failure to do so could result in poor performance or even physical damage caused by improper fitting! If necessary use fresh adhesive tape around any exposed wiring prior to reattaching everything together correctly; this will ensure no dust enters through gaps while helping protect against moisture build-up which can cause faults over time.

With these steps completed successfully, you’ll now be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Ring Doorbell has been safely replaced without requiring tools for unscrewing – great job!

How Do I Take My Ring Doorbell Cover off to Charge?

It’s common for Ring doorbells to run out of charge, so knowing how to safely remove the cover is a must. Fortunately, it’s easy and straightforward – if you know what you’re doing! The first step is to disconnect the power supply.

This can be done by unplugging the cable from either your wall outlet or transformer. If this isn’t possible due to an installed junction box, turn off the circuit breaker providing power to the doorbell instead. Once there’s no longer any electricity running through your device, it should be safe enough to proceed with removing its cover.

Now that everything is disconnected and powered down, you can go ahead and take off the outer shell of your Ring doorbell using a flathead screwdriver or another suitable tool such as a putty knife or butter knife (depending on which model you have). To do this carefully insert into one of two slots located at each side of the bottom edge of your ring bell casing then gently twist until it pops open slightly – don’t force too hard as this may damage other components inside! With some gentle wiggling around these edges will come apart quite easily revealing all internal parts including battery compartment(s).

Finally locate and remove whichever battery type is used in your particular model before placing them aside for charging separately using an appropriate charger compatible with their voltage/current requirements – always refer back to user manual here if uncertain about anything related specifically towards batteries being used within system itself e.g Li-ion etc… Note: It might also worth checking over time whether warranty has expired already when replacing components like these since manufacturer typically covers defects during initial purchase period only so make sure get replacement quickly just incase something goes wrong unexpectedly while tinkering away inside unit ! Once both batteries are fully charged they can be placed back into their respective compartments followed by reattaching outer casing again via same method used initially before plugging everything else back together once more ready for usage once more!


Hey there! If you’re looking to take off the back of your Ring Doorbell, here’s a quick guide on how to do it. First, you’ll want to turn off power to the device.

You can either unplug it or switch off its circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel. Now that the doorbell is powered down, use a screwdriver and remove the four screws located around its perimeter – two at the top and two at the bottom. After unscrewing them all, carefully lift up the back cover of your doorbell from one end and slide it out until detached completely – be sure not to pull too hard so as not to damage any cables connected inside.

Now you should have access to all of Ring Doorbell’s internal components for maintenance or cleaning purposes. Reattaching the back cover is just as easy! Just line up each side with their respective slots before pushing down firmly until all four screws fit again into their places – make sure they are tightened properly for optimal security against weather elements like rain or snow.

And that’s it! Your Ring Doorbell will now be ready for regular use once more – happy ringing!

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