How to Change the Ringtone on Ring Doorbell

Are you tired of hearing the same sound when someone rings your Ring Doorbell? Is it time for something new? Changing the ringtone on your Ring Doorbell is a great way to customize your device and make it reflect your style.

With just a few simple steps, you can easily change the sound of your doorbell in no time. This guide will walk you through how to change the ringtone on Ring Doorbell so that you can give yourself an audible alert every time someone rings at your door. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there are plenty of different tones to choose from so that you can find one that fits perfectly with what you have in mind.

Once done, simply follow these easy instructions and within minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy a customized chime whenever someone visits!

  • Open the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet: Start by opening up the Ring app on your device and tapping on “Devices” in the top menu
  • Select Your Doorbell from Your Devices List: Once you have opened the devices list, scroll through until you find your doorbell, then tap it to open its settings page
  • Tap “Chime Settings” From The Device’s Settings Page: On your device’s settings page, tap “Chime Settings” near the bottom of the screen to access all chime-related settings for this particular ring device
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  • Choose a New Sound File For Your Doorbell Chime: In this section, you can select one of several different sound files available as options for your doorbells chimes and alerts – simply choose whichever sound file is most appropriate and click it to save it as your chosen option
  • Test Out The New Chimes To Make Sure They Work Properly: Finally test out that new chime or alert sound file by pressing either button located at either side of your front door (or any other assigned buttons) – if everything works properly then congratulations! You have successfully changed the ringtone for that specific Ring doorbell!

How Do I Change my Ring Chime Tones in the Ring App? | Ask Ring

Change Ringtone on Ring Doorbell 2

If you’re looking to customize your Ring Doorbell 2 with a unique ringtone, you’re in luck! The process is relatively straightforward and can be done quickly. Here’s how to change the ringtone on your Ring Doorbell 2:

1. Open the Ring app on your iOS or Android device. 2. Tap “Devices” at the bottom of the screen, then select your doorbell from the list of connected devices. 3. Select “Device Settings” from the menu that appears after selecting your doorbell device, then tap “Ringtones & Volume” in Device Settings .

4. You will see several different options for setting a custom ringtone; choose one and follow any further instructions that appear onscreen (you may need to upload an audio file if you don’t have one already saved). 5. Once you have chosen and uploaded a new ringtone, press save changes at the top right corner of the screen to apply it to your doorbell device . Your new custom ringtone should now be set up!

Changing a ringtone can be a great way to personalize and customize various aspects of our tech gadgets—and it’s especially helpful when trying to differentiate between multiple similar devices like different doorbells placed around our home or office space! With just a few simple steps we can turn our boring standard chime into something much more interesting—all thanks to modern technology making its mark even on small details like this one!

How to Change the Ringtone on Ring Doorbell


How Do You Change Your Ringtone on the Ring App?

If you’re an avid Ring user, it’s likely that you’ve grown tired of hearing the same default ringtone whenever someone rings your doorbell. Luckily, there are several ways to change your ringtone on the Ring app. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to do just that!

First things first: make sure that you have the latest version of the Ring app installed on your device. Open up the app and click ‘My Devices’ in order to access a list of all connected devices associated with your account. Select whichever one you wish to change its ringtone for and go into its settings menu.

You can then select ‘Device Settings’ which will bring up a new window with various customization options including ‘Ringtones’ where you can choose from a variety of different sounds or upload one from your own library if desired. Once chosen, simply save changes and exit out of these menus before testing out whether or not everything has been properly saved by ringing your doorbell – unless otherwise specified in-app instructions should apply here as well! It’s also worth noting that some models may offer even more extensive customizations such as allowing users to adjust volume levels for each individual sound type (like motion alerts).

To locate these additional options simply open up their respective setting menus within My Devices after selecting them from their main list view page – look out particularly for anything labeled ‘Sounds & Notifications’ which generally contain deeper customization tools like these ones mentioned above along with others too many times depending on model specifics so be sure give those sections some extra attention when exploring around inside them! In conclusion, changing a device’s ringtone through the official Ring mobile application is quite straightforward and easy enough for anyone familiarized with navigating smartphone apps; however it does require having both an updated version installed plus knowing exactly where certain features are located inside it in order ensure successful outcomes every time when needed so don’t forget about those two key points either! We hope this article was helpful – happy customizing everyone!

How Do You Change a Doorbell Sound?

If you’re tired of hearing the same doorbell sound every time someone rings your bell, you may be wondering how to change it. Fortunately, changing a doorbell sound is actually quite simple and can often be done in just a few steps. In this blog post, we’ll discuss exactly how to go about changing your doorbell’s sound.

The first step to changing your doorbell’s sound is determining what type of system you have installed. If you’re using an older wired system, then replacing the chime itself with one that has a different tone will allow you to customize the sound that plays when someone presses the button. However, if you have a wireless or digital doorbell system then it’s likely possible for you to choose from various sounds already stored on the device.

If you’re looking for more customization options than are available through pre-loaded sounds on your device, many systems now offer app integration which allows users to control their devices remotely via their smartphone or tablet as well as select custom tones from within app settings menus. Some apps even allow users to upload personalized audio files such as music tracks or voice recordings for use as their new doorbell ringtone! Once everything is set up and enabled properly (which usually requires following instructions provided by both your device manufacturer and chosen compatible app) all that’s left is selecting which tone or track should play whenever somebody rings at your doorstep!

This could range anywhere from classic tunes like “Jingle Bells” during wintertime all year long; fun effects like animal noises; or just any old file of choice so long as its supported by both hardware and software being used simultaneously in-sync with each other! In conclusion, changing a doorbell sound doesn’t have to be complicated – depending on what type of system is installed in your home and whether or not there are compatible apps available – replacing existing tones with ones more suited towards personal preference can easily be achieved without too much hassle!

How Do I Get the New Ring Doorbell Chimes?

If you’re looking to upgrade your home security system or just make your front door more accessible, the Ring Doorbell Chime is a great option. With its intuitive design and modern features, it can easily help you keep tabs on who’s at the door without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. So how do you get one of these awesome pieces of technology?

Well first things first, you need to purchase a Ring Doorbell device itself. This is available in both wired and wireless versions depending on what type of connection works best for your setup. Once that’s taken care of, then it’s time to look into getting yourself a Ring Doorbell Chime as well.

The good news is that all new Ring devices come with their very own matching chimes so if buying both together wasn’t already an option for you, now it most certainly is! The chimes also come in several different styles such as traditional bell-style tones as well as more modern options like electronic chimes complete with volume control settings so they won’t be too loud or intrusive when someone comes knocking at the door. Once purchased, setting up and installing a Ring Doorbell Chime should only take 20 minutes or less depending on what kind of connections are needed (wired vs wireless).

For those not comfortable with doing this themselves there are plenty of YouTube tutorials which offer step by step instructions on how to properly install them with minimal effort involved – perfect for anyone who wants something done right but doesn’t want to spend hours figuring it out! Overall getting yourself one (or two) new ring doorbell chimes could not be easier; simply pick out which ones fit best within your budget and aesthetic preferences before connecting them up according to whatever wiring requirements may apply – easy peasy!

Can You Customize Ring Chimes?

Ring chimes are an incredibly useful tool for keeping your home secure and providing alerts when visitors come calling. However, many people don’t realize that you can customize these devices to suit your needs and preferences. In this blog post we will explore how to customize Ring chimes so that you can get the most out of them.

When it comes to customizing Ring Chime devices, there are several options available. The first step is to decide what type of sound or alert you would like your device to make when someone approaches or enters your property. If you have a standard model, then you will be able to select from one of four pre-loaded sounds: doorbells ringing, birds singing, cats meowing and dogs barking.

You can also upload any audio file from your computer in order to create a more unique sound for your device if desired. Next, determine whether or not you want the volume of the alert sound adjustable based on certain factors such as time of day or motion detected nearby (this feature is only available on certain models). Additionally, some Ring Chime devices offer additional customization options such as scheduling specific times for alerts and setting up multiple zones with different settings each zone (only available on Pro models).

Finally, consider whether it makes sense for you to purchase extra accessories such as range extenders which help amplify the signal reach further distances; wall mounts which allow easy installation near entryways; waterproof cases which enable outdoor usage; wireless keypads which provide access codes rather than physical keys; and even solar power adapters so that no batteries need replacing over time! All these items combined together help maximize both security protection and convenience while using Ring Chime products at home or away. In conclusion, with all that has been discussed above it should be clear that customizing Ring Chime devices is not only possible but also beneficial depending on individual needs/preferences.

While basic models may lack advanced features found in other higher-end products—such as those mentioned earlier—they still serve their purpose well by providing reliable notification services at an accessible price point compared other competitors out there today!


If you’re looking to change the ringtone on your Ring Doorbell, we’ve got you covered! This guide will walk you through all the steps and show you how easy it is. First off, make sure your device is powered up and connected to Wi-Fi.

Then open the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet. Once in the app, tap on “Devices” at the bottom of the screen then select your doorbell from the list of available devices. Next, tap on “Device Settings” followed by “Chime Settings” where you’ll be able to choose a new sound for when someone rings your bell.

You can pick from a selection of tones or even upload one of your own! Finally, test out the new sound by ringing your bell and listen for it playing back over speakers near it’s location – that’s all there is to it! Changing a ringtone has never been easier with Ring Doorbells – so why not give it a try?

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