How to Change Notification Sound for Ring Doorbell

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If you have recently purchased a Ring Doorbell, then you know how convenient it can be to keep track of who is coming and going from your home. However, one thing that may annoy some people is the default notification sound for when someone rings the doorbell. Fortunately, there is an easy way to change this notification sound.

With just a few simple steps, you can customize the alert sound of your Ring Doorbell so that it fits with whatever environment you are in at any given time. In this blog post we will go over how to easily change the notification sound on your Ring Doorbell so that it matches your personal preferences or situation more effectively.

  • Open the Ring app on your device: Begin by opening the Ring app on your phone or tablet that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your doorbell
  • Select “Settings”: Once you have opened the Ring app, select “Settings” from the list of options at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap “Notifications” in Settings: From here, tap on “Notifications” which will take you to a page with all of your notification settings for this device and other devices linked to it (i
  • , different doors)
  • 4
  • Tap “Doorbells”: Scroll down until you see an option called “Doorbells” and tap it to open up its settings page
  • Here you can adjust various doorbell related notifications such as motion alerts, visitor announcements etc
  • , but we are going to focus on changing our doorbell sound specifically so let’s continue scrolling until we find it! 5
  • Select Audio Alert Type Option: At this point, scroll down further until you come across an option labeled “Audio Alert Type” – here is where we can change our doorbell sound! Tap this option and a new window will pop up giving us several different audio alert types to choose from including bells, chimes and much more!

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How to Change Ring Doorbell Notification Sound on Iphone

If you’ve recently purchased a Ring Doorbell and are looking for ways to customize the notification sound, then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will walk you through how to change your Ring Doorbell Notification Sound on iPhone. Before getting started it is important that both your phone and the doorbell are connected and updated.

To do this, open up the “Settings” app on your iPhone and make sure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are active. Next, install or update the latest version of the Ring App if needed by heading over to Apple Store. Once complete, launch the app so that it can detect any nearby devices (which should include your doorbell).

Once everything is setup properly we can start customizing our notification sounds! The first thing we need to do is head over to Notifications & Sounds tab within Settings in our Ring app. Here you will find all available options for setting different alert tones—including those specifically designed for ring notifications like “Ding Dong” or “Knock Knock”.

You can also choose from a variety of other fun sounds such as birds tweeting or animals chirping. Simply select one of these options which best suits your taste! In addition to setting specific alert tones for doorbells, there are some advanced features available within settings too!

For example: using Do Not Disturb mode which allows you to silence all incoming notifications while still receiving live video feed; Setting motion zones where certain areas receive more sensitivity than others; And even scheduling when alerts should be sent out throughout day/night cycles etc… All of these additional functions make it easier than ever before customize exactly how much control users have over their doorbells’ behavior at home or away from home. Finally once everything has been configured correctly don’t forget save changes by pressing “Done” button located bottom right side screen – now just wait few seconds until system applies new settings automatically after which enjoy fresh new way hearing familiar ding dong whenever someone approaching front porch !

How to Change Notification Sound for Ring Doorbell


Can You Change the Sound of Your Ring Notification?

Ring notifications are a great way to stay connected with the world. They can alert you to incoming calls, messages, emails or other important updates. But if the sound of your ring notification is getting old and boring, can you change it?

The answer is yes! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to customize your ring notification so that it stands out from the crowd. First off, most smartphones have built-in settings that allow you to change the sound of your ring notification.

To access these settings on an iPhone or Android device: go into “Settings” > “Sounds and Notifications” > “Ringtone & Notification Sound” and select a new tone from available options. On some devices like Huawei phones there may be different paths for customization – simply look in Settings for Audio/Sound/Ringtones and select one from the list provided. Another option is to use third-party apps such as Zedge which offers thousands of free downloadable tones for both iOS and Android phones – all sorted by genre (e.g., comedy, horror).

Downloading a custom tone from Zedge allows you to set it as your default ringtone or assign individual contacts their own personalized tones using contact groups feature inside this app too! You could also create your own custom sounds by recording audio files such as voice memos directly onto your phone via any recording application (such as Voice Memos on iPhones) then setting them up as either system notifications or contact specific tones when prompted within Settings section mentioned earlier. If creating unique sounds isn’t an option due time constraints however try downloading royalty free music clips online instead – they work just fine!

Finally don’t forget about silent mode too – while not technically changing sound itself turning vibrate mode on will still give enough indication something’s coming through even without audible noise involved! This might come handy during meetings late at night when receiving urgent notifications but wanting keep surroundings quiet at same time… All in all there many ways how one can alter their existing ringing notifications ensuring that never again miss another call message email etc thanks wide variety of customizations available today no matter what type smartphone being used!

How Do I Change My Ring Notification Settings?

If you’re like many people, your phone’s ringtone is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about customizing your mobile device. But did you know that it can be a great way to manage your notifications too? By changing your ring notification settings, you can easily keep track of incoming calls and messages without being disturbed by other sounds.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through how to change these settings on both iPhone and Android devices. On an iPhone: 1. Go to Settings > Notifications > Phone.

2. Tap “Sounds” and select from the available options for both Ringtone and Text Tone (or create a custom sound). 3. You can also choose whether or not you want vibration alerts enabled under “Vibration” section at the bottom of the screen (this setting will only take effect if Do Not Disturb mode isn’t activated). On an Android Device:

1. Open up Settings then tap “Sound & Notification”. 2. Select “Phone Ringtone” or “Text Message Ringtone” as desired and choose from the list of pre-set tones or add a new one using music stored on your device’s storage drive/SD card/etc..

3. If vibrate mode is desired, make sure Vibrate When Ringer is Enabled option is checked off in the “Do Not Disturb” section located within Sound & Notification page as well (if applicable). By taking advantage of this simple feature, it becomes much easier to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues while still enjoying more peaceful moments away from any potential distractions caused by unwanted notifications ringing in all hours of day or night!

How Do I Change My Ring Notification Sound on Iphone?

If you’re looking to customize your iPhone ring notification sound, then don’t worry – it’s easy! With just a few steps, you can change the default sound for incoming calls and other notifications. Here is how to do it:

1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. This can be done by tapping the gear-shaped icon from your homescreen or App Library. 2. Tap ‘Sounds & Haptics’ and scroll down until you find ‘Phone Ringtone’ under ‘Calls & Notifications’.

3. Tap on this option and select one of the pre-installed tones that come with your phone or choose a custom tone that has been added previously via iTunes (or another source). You will see all available sounds listed here including some classic ones like Marimba or Xylophone as well as modern ones like Alerts Tone 2 or TranceLoopingBeats 5th Gen Lite Edition etc.. 4. Once you have chosen your preferred tone, press “Done” at the top right corner of the screen and then tap anywhere outside of this menu to save changes.

Your new ringtone should now be set up as default for incoming calls and notifications on your iPhone! And there you have it – changing a ringtone on an iPhone is simple enough once you know where to look! Keep in mind that if you ever want to go back to using the standard Apple tones provided with iOS devices, simply repeat these same steps but select one of those instead when choosing a new ringtone at step 3 above – et voilà !


Hey there! Do you want to change the notification sound for your Ring Doorbell? If so, this blog post is perfect for you.

It will go through all the steps necessary to help you customize the sound that plays when someone rings your doorbell. First, open up the Ring app on your mobile device and select “Devices” from the menu options at the bottom of the screen. Then choose which doorbell you would like to customize by selecting it from a list of connected devices.

Once selected, click on “Notifications” and then “Sounds” in order to access a variety of different sounds that can be used as your doorbell’s notification sound. Choose one and hit save – easy as that! You have now successfully changed your Ring Doorbell’s notification sound!

Enjoy having something unique playing each time someone comes knocking at your door.

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